Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are available for deliveries via My menu and Grab food (link).

You may drop us a Whatsapp message at +65 9677 5212 with your order details. Please indicate your name, mobile number, order and quantity, date and time of collection.

Kindly note that for pre-order, we would require an advance payment via paynow to +65 9677 5212.

Yes, we do. You may drop us an email at or message us at +65 96775212.

Our roast meat does not contain additives or preservatives. We therefore strongly recommend that our roast meat be consumed on the same day as collection/delivery.

A good gauge would be a $5-$10 portion for 1 pax.

We classify our Char Siu based on Lean-to-Fat ratio.

“Lean” – Leaner composition of 80% Lean and 20% Fat. If you prefer a healthier version of Char Siu with less fatty layers, opt for this!

“Half Fat” – Good balance of 50% Lean and 50% Fat. The even distribution of lean and fat retains the juiciness of the Char Siu and practically melts in your mouth! Highly recommended.

“Fat” – Highly marbled with close to 100% Fat content. Not commonly available in other stalls and if you enjoy a fatty cut, this is the cut for you!